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Discover the transformative power of water with CM Decorating, your water blasting specialist. We use the latest techniques and precision water blasting to rejuvenate and clean surfaces like walls, roofs, gardens and driveways, prepping surfaces for new paint or unveiling the true beauty of your spaces. Our expert team at CM Decorating harnesses cutting-edge water blasting technology to efficiently remove grime, stains, and old coatings to give your surfaces a fresh lease on life. Elevate your property today with our specialised water blasting services across Christchurch.

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CM Decorating stands as Christchurch’s premier water blasting company, offering a spectrum of high/low-pressure water blasting services. Our dedicated team utilises state-of-the-art equipment to execute precise and effective cleaning on various surfaces. We rejuvenate exteriors, remove stubborn stains, and restore surfaces to their former glory. Our customers can trust us to deliver pristine results, ensuring satisfaction with every project – and our customers come back to us a second time! This commitment to excellence and years of expertise make us the go-to water blasting company in Christchurch. 

Trust CM Decorating for professional, reliable, and top-tier water blasting solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Talk to our friendly team today.

Quality Water BlastingProcess

Our quality water blasting requires careful attention to safety and the materials used. Here is our step-by-step process for approaching high or low pressure, hot or cold water blasting.

We begin by evaluating the surface to be water blasted, considering its material, condition, and the type of contaminants present. This analysis will help determine the appropriate pressure settings, whether high or low and the use of hot or cold water.
It’s time to ensure that all of our water-blasting equipment and protective gear are calibrated and ready for operation and that our environment is secure from pets, children and bystanders. Here, we check pressure settings and temperature controls, ensuring they align with the surface requirements.
We start the surface pre-cleaning by removing loose debris and dirt from the surface using low-pressure water blasting. This initial step helps enhance the effectiveness of the main cleaning process and prevents abrasive particles from causing damage.
If applicable, we now apply suitable detergents or cleaning agents to the surface, especially if dealing with stubborn stains or grease. We’ll allow the detergent some time to penetrate the contaminants, enhancing the water blasting process's overall efficiency.
Now, we adjust the pressure and temperature to tailor the water blasting process to the specific needs of the surface. We’ll use higher pressure for tougher stains or materials and adjust between hot and cold water based on the type of contaminants and surface sensitivity.
The bulk of the work lies here, where we consistently employ a systematic and controlled approach during the entire water blasting process, ensuring even coverage and avoiding damage.
After water blasting, it’s time to inspect the cleaned surface to ensure satisfactory results. Once satisfied, our team rinses the area thoroughly, removing any residual detergent or contaminants.
The final check confirms that the high or low-pressure water blasting process, along with the appropriate temperature, has successfully restored the surface to its desired condition.

What you can expect from water blasting services from CM Decorating.Why choose us?

With over a decade of involvement in the industry, the team at CM Decorating has invested in learning every facet of the trade. We are customer-focused, building long-lasting relationships with Christchurch locals by delivering the high-quality results you expect, as well as transparent and friendly customer service.

Through recommendations and personal referrals, our clientele has grown organically, earning a reputation for delivering top-notch finishes in a wide range of home care services and pride ourselves on being the water blasters Christchurch locals prefer.

How to get a No Obligation Quote from Our Water Blasting Company:

Your Steps

To obtain a water blasting quote in Christchurch from CM Decorating, it’s a fairly straightforward process. We offer comprehensive quotes for water blasting Christchurch-wide and into the wider Canterbury area. Whether you want to clean your property or are ready to prep it for a repaint, talk to us today.

Begin by reaching out to CM Decorating via phone or our website. Their friendly team will promptly respond to your water blasting inquiry.

Our team will schedule a convenient time to visit your property in Christchurch to assess the spaces and surfaces you need water blaster services for. This on-site inspection is critical for accurate quoting and no unforeseen charges.

CM Decorating's experts on site will thoroughly examine the surface in question’s condition, size, and specific requirements. We take into account factors such as surface fragility, age and thickness of grime to remove, use of detergents required and other important details.

Based on our final evaluation, CM Decorating will provide you with a detailed, personalised quote that includes labour, materials, and a timeline for your water blasting service so that there are no hidden charges or delays.

Our team will schedule a time with you to talk through the quote, answer your questions, and discuss any additional options or preferences.

Once the quote is agreed upon and a deposit paid, the work is undertaken. We ensure a very high-quality finish and are very responsive to your comments so that if there’s anything you are unhappy with, we will quickly rectify it. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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What surfaces can be water blasted?

A wide variety of materials and surfaces can be water blasted to remove dirt, grime and old coatings such as paint. They must be hard surfaces and all loose items secured, or the pressure of the water blaster may cause damage. Here are the following materials regularly water blasted.

Ideal for removing grime, dirt, oil stains, and discolouration from driveways, sidewalks, and concrete structures. High-pressure water blasting effectively revitalises the appearance of concrete surfaces.

Suitable for cleaning and restoring the original colour and texture of brick walls. Water blasting helps remove accumulated dirt, moss, and pollutants, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the brickwork.

Low-pressure water blasting can be applied to wooden decks and fences to remove algae, mould, mildew, and stains. Careful adjustment of pressure prevents damage to the wood while achieving a clean finish.

Water blasting services are effective in removing rust, paint, and contaminants from metal surfaces such as fences, railings, and industrial equipment. Adjust pressure settings to prevent damage to the metal substrate.

Utilise low-pressure water blasting to clean vinyl siding, removing dirt, mildew, and algae. Proper care must be taken to avoid forcing water behind the siding, which could cause damage.

Suitable for removing moss, lichen, and algae from roofs. Use low-pressure water blasting to prevent damage to roofing materials. Exercise caution with delicate roof structures.

Water blasting effectively cleans and rejuvenates pavers and tiles in outdoor spaces. Adjust pressure based on the material to avoid dislodging or damaging the surface.

Water blasting can be applied to stucco and rendered walls to remove dirt, mould, and stains. Adjust pressure levels based on the surface condition to achieve optimal results without causing damage.

Suitable for cleaning and restoring the appearance of asphalt driveways and pathways. High-pressure water blasting helps remove oil stains, dirt, and grime, enhancing curb appeal.

Water blasting is effective in removing graffiti from various surfaces, including concrete walls, metal surfaces, and public structures. Adjust pressure to avoid damaging the underlying material.

Water blasting can be used to clean boat hulls and marine structures, removing algae, barnacles, and marine growth. Adjust pressure settings based on the boat's material to prevent damage.

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